Meet Caneka

What a pleasure to finally meet you Beautiful Lady!

My journey has been quite interesting and continuing to evolve over the last year, but I'm happy to share with you because I'm convinced this experience in life is not just about me, but who can I serve and help.

I am Caneka Webb-Hardon, the founder of Women Empowering Women, and creator of the Daily Success Planner and Journal. I wear many hats like most women I know. I love the Lord, nature and beautiful things. 

When asked about myself, I generally lead with "I'm a Mom" because my girls are the joy of my life and my family is my first ministry.  I'm recently divorced after 17 years of marriage and my ex-husband and I are great co-parents. I know. I know...sounds like some colorfully written cliche, but thank God it is our truth. (Side note to my beautiful friends transitioning from being happily married to happily single...grace is key. Extend the highest form of it and you will receive it. I promise you. There is hope!). So....back to my hats...I'm also a professional. I've worked in the financial service industry in compliance for more than 25 years and I absolutely LOVE what I'm called to do professionally. I'm a part time entrepreneur. For 13 years, I've helped many woman tap into their God-given purpose while managing their day to day activities through tools like the Daily Success Planner. It's a proven system that works! I am also an advocate for women and girls through my non-profit, Women Empowering Women. My brand message is very simple, “We can have it all!” I believe that as you learn how to balance and manage areas of life, you can not only have these things…you can operate in them with EXCELLENCE. God innately gives women the ability to multitask. Yes, it’s a gift. When we embrace and operate in this gift, we are happier, more successful and fulfilled. My God given purpose and passion is to Inspire, Empower, Impact, and Serve you. I’m very transparent and intentional about letting my light shine so that others can see God’s light through me and my family and be inspired.

My First Product...A CD and Planner

I have a love for bringing women and girls together to help move them to action. I’ve served as a member and director of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Inc., MECCA Chapter. I also founded a non-profit women’s organization, Women Empowering Women (“WEw”) in 2009. WEw is an organization that promotes the empowerment of women through professional, educational, and social programs focused on collaborative leadership, entrepreneurship, health and wellness, and community service. I was featured in the September 2015 edition of South Fulton Lifestyle Magazine as a “Real Wife” in the South Fulton community.

I love cooking, crafting, planning, and hosting events. I also am passionate about health and fitness.

Now, I want to know about you beautiful lady. What are you passionate about? What are your goals? How can I serve you?

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